Daniel, Alan and Travis return MONDAY THE 25TH to their pod home at SLINKY’S ON CHIMES STREET AT 9 PM after a long almost-month of not being there, instead.

After much deliberation, we decided to publish this letter, written by Daniel Harrison Brooks to the recipient Travis Edwards. The following is that letter, unedited:

“Listen you baby-looking pork fuck, I’m not screwing around anymore. You get your newly-wed ass to the show ON THE 25TH OF MAY AT 9 PM or we’re not going to buy you the expensive litter any more. You little monster. You don’t even deserve Tidy Cat. You’re not a Tidy Cat, you’re a man! A filthy man!

Mike Honore and Robert Rau are going to be there. They are TWO OF BATON ROUGE’S FINEST COMEDIANS and they don’t just show up for plebs. We gotta bring out the big guns. That’s right. We’re giving your little music gig a little teeny overhaul – and if you don’t do your part I swear to god I will cut your mic and let Alan Singleton talk about Jar Jar Binks until his beady little eyes pop out. DO YOU WANT TO LAUGH? THEN COME TO SLINKY’S, ASSHOLE.

I still love you,

We wish to remind you that Daniel will be sedated during the show and all questions/comments concerning his increased rage should be directed toWWW.ACTIONBASTERD.NET. While we cannot promise he will remain calm, we can assure you no one will be hurt. If you need assurance that Daniel will not turn green and lash out at you mid-sentence, please follow the link below: 


The provided link enables you to experience the nature of Talk To Strangers with Alan and Dan in your very own home, and has been studied at length to determine that Daniel is in fact a harmless little punk.

Please, go to the show. They need you.
-The Editors

I created a T-Shirt design inspired by The Mountain t shirt brand a piece I like to call “Nurturecast” for this upcoming episode of Talk to Strangers! If enough people want this shirt. I’ll order them! If not, you can gaze at it and ask yourself what could of been. email me if you would like one!- Alan S.

Also the event page is up